Training by Ansul
Bringing the Legendary ANSUL Fire Training School
to You A Simulator to Get Pulses Racing

The ANSUL® Fire Simulator is a cutting-edge tool providing ultra-realistic, hands-on fire extinguisher training. It’s the next best thing to attending world-renowned ANSUL fire school because it challenges both veterans and first-time operators in a variety of situations. The patented system is versatile, easy to assemble and modular, allowing us to conduct classes in any area approximately 16 ft. x 10 ft. (160 sq. ft., or 15 m2). Don’t have a place to hold the class? We can hold your training session in our Training Facility, located in Santa Rosa, CA.

Students Will Feel the Heat

All the pressure and drama of fighting an actual fire is captured in the ANSUL Fire Simulator. Computer technology allows us to adjust the level of difficulty as digital video shows various liquid fire situations, and digital audio simulates the sounds of an actual fire. Air pressure is even released from the extinguisher to simulate the noise students hear when firefighting. All that’s missing from traditional fire school is the smoke, ash, heat, burning of expensive fuels, and unpredictable weather.

Students must first identify the fire and select the right extinguishing technique. Then, they must correctly apply that technique by properly actuating the modified ANSUL Red Line cartridge-operated or Sentry Dry Chemical stored-pressure hand portable fire extinguisher to knock down the fire on the rear-projection screen.

The system monitors the student’s technique through LED emitters on the extinguisher nozzle and LED sensors of the projection screen. If the proper technique is used, the fire on the screen is extinguished. If the student uses poor technique, the fire reflashes just as it would in an actual fire situation.

Easy to Use, Tested By The Best

Assembling the ANSUL Fire Simulator on-site only takes a few minutes, and we can train up to 200 students each day. This innovative tool meets the requirements of OSHA regulation 1910.1 57G for interior incipient fire training.

Prepare your first responders to confidently handle the heat of high-pressure firefighting situations. No system captures the realism of fighting a fire like the ANSUL Fire Simulator. Get maximum educational effect with minimal set-up time. Enjoy big savings with no cleanup time and zero environmental impact. And train day or night, rain or shine.


Fuel Fire Video

Adjust the Level of Difficulty and Change the Fire Parameters:

  • Agent Coverage Area
  • Agent Application Rate
  • Reflash Rate
  • Hazard Width
  • Discharge Time


We Have Everything You Need to Start Learning Right Away:

  • Laptop Computer and Software
  • Small Projector
  • Large, Portable, Rear-Projection Screen
  • External Speakers for Added Realism
  • Control Console
  • Extinguishers, Regulator, Air Source, Solenoid, Hoses
  • All Hoses