Fire Safety Supply offers a service for the drawing of Fire Suppression Systems.

We currently offer the service for Ansul, PyroChem, and Buckeye Suppression systems. This service will take the system specifications and information you provide and turn that into a drawing suitable for submittal/ working drawing purposes.

To access the service you must fill out a survey which outlines your system’s specifications and other applicable information that we will need to complete your drawings.

*Note: Although we are experienced and knowledgeable in the system design of Ansul, Pyrochem, and Buckeye suppression systems. Our drawing service is not a system design service. We draw plans based off the design information that you provide in a filled-out survey (survey attached below).


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You can Fax your completed form to (707) 575-9224 If you have any questions call Fire Safety Supply at: (800) 498-3473

System Drawing Services